Travelling with children

photo: Sofie Broström

Traveling with children in Portugal

Portugal is a good country to visit with children, the Portuguese love children and you will be well received by families with children, no sigh or groan at nice restaurant or even concerts. But we who have children know it's a little extra to think about and I can help. I myself have lived in Oeiras in three years with two children, and has traveled across countries countless times.

Each apartment that I rent out has the details for you with children, where there is comprehensive facts about what is available in that particular dwelling, and any warnings. Most have a cot available and a washing machine, dishwasher also has many, even some toys. We try to help as best we can if there are other needs.

Good things

There is a family park in car parks, you have priority in the queues at the supermarket when you have young children with, even when you are pregnant. People are happy to carry a bag when the kids refuse to go, it's natural to help. A man took a long detour just to press the elevator button for me when I arrived with a baby carriage. A woman wore my big bag of action from the car all the way into the lift when one child refused to go further. People on the train gets up so you have to sit with the kids, or the pregnant belly, which may not even be particularly big belly! These small gestures are so incredibly well received at that moment!

Keep in mind

If you are European, get an European Card of Health Insurance for all the family! If you need medical care, it is then free to care for children in public hospitals. Adults pay the local rate. If you have no card, it can be very costly.

The regular taxis are small, no dual-purpose vehicles and have no high chairs to offer. There are private companies that run mini-buses, they are more expensive and some have high chairs to offer. Recommend to check this in advance, ask me or contact the tourist office where you're going. Car rentals rent car seats but they are expensive. It can bring their own chair babage, be aware that they weigh a lot.

It may be in some places it is difficult to get around with a pram. Sidewalks are narrow and you get crowded with various trees and cars, and there are no elevators in many places but you need not wait until someone has time to help.


Portugal has lots of different beaches. Rocks down to the sea creates magic, Greek-like coves that are snorkel-friendly, others to reach by boat. Atlantic is colder than the Mediterranean, the advantage is that the air temperature stays at comfortable level year round. Fore example is Lisbon's average temperature is not higher than 26 degrees in July, which is just warm enough. The southern Algarve coast has warmer water, warmed by the African and Mediterranian streams. North, after Peniche is the largest waves. You should know that waves and currents can be treacherous, and you should respect the warning flags that most beaches have, and do not swim far out.


The food is child-friendly, no hot spices, or odd, and during my years, neither I nor anyone in the family become ill from the food we eat and everything you'd always be warned when abroad, such as salad and ice cream. Usually restaurants are open 12-15 for lunch and dinner for 19-22. Do you need baby food jars its better to take them from home with you. There are baby food, but the supply is poor and more mashed than the Swedish, the best choice available at pharmacies, food stores have 1-2 varieties and many different fruktpureér. Keep in mind that public breastfeeding is not fully accepted. Ask if there is somewhere you can slip away. At shopping centers are often nursing mothers.
Below you will find dictionaries for those who are allergic.


If you or your children are alergic please check this dictionary to help you find the terms and names of different food types in Portuguese:

On the plane

For small children under two years, you pay a certain amount for a ticket. This includes not own chair, if you want a seat you have to pay extra for. Remember that the terms of the food contained on the flight to the baby, it usually goes to the book. The warm food jar or bottle of water in the saucepan on the plane if you have your own. If you are traveling with small children, ask about getting a "basinett" where the child can sleep. If you are the same, it is good to get a window seat, then you can be more discreet with breastfeeding. When the child reaches two years from paying the 75 -100% of the ticket and then they have their own chair and food just like any other paying travelers . Ask them when booking that you are also children can sit side by side.

The stroller may be to check in as normal luggage from the airport, buggy, you can bring to the gate, and there is also a small number of carriages to borrow from the company you fly with to use up to the gate, in case the check-in desk! In Portugal, if you want the stroller as soon as you step from the aircraft, talk to staff on the plane. On the way home from Portugal, you can also take it up to the airplane.

Children friendly events

The carnival, which takes place in February at varying dates at least as funny as that in Rio, just not as famous! The children dress up in what they want. Each city has its own karnevaltåg. Festive and cheerful! (And tight to walk in the streets.)

For other contact Sophie's babysitting Renting to see what we can offer, where you planning on going! In the Lisbon region, we have Swedish-speaking babysitter.

What to do with the kids Lisbon area

photo: Sofie Broström


In the area known as the Expo in Lisbon is a ocenarium. It's amazing, large windows with direct insight into what happens under the surface. You may see fish up close, all sorts of weird variations that reaches the box and looks at you. One can sit on the floor of the also quite dark room and just observe the quiet life under the surface. There are even penguins. Price about 10 euros per adult. This can also travel by metro, the station called Oriente.
Link to Ocenarium's website:

När du är här ta också en tur med linbanan som går från Ocenariumets baksida med utsikt över Europas längsta bro Vasco da Gama. When you are here also take a ride with the cable car that goes from the back Ocenariumets overlooking Europe's longest bridge Vasco da Gama.


The magic mountain with real castles and lots of parks to discover the secret passages of a butterfly park and much more, is a must! At least one full day. Tips for taking the baby with baby, all parks are not stroller passable. From Lisbon, you can go by train, then takes you around the mountain by horse carriage or bus. Visit Quinta da Regaleira, Palácio da Pena or any of the other two palaces.
You will not be disappointed, I can almost promise!

photo: Helena Rodrigues


In the middle of Lisbon is the zoo, it is especially for you come so close to the animals. They have all sorts of animals and even delifinarium. On their website you will find all the information you need to get here. Admission for adults is about 15 euros.


Delfinarium located in Guia, Albufeira is certainly appreciated by the entire family.

One can even swim with dolphins in the Algarve. For that I refer to the tourist information or to search the Internet. Can not recommend any, if you have let me know!

Swimming Pools


Algarve has its own Aqualand to be very good. Located between Lagos and Vilamoura.
For map, prices, etc., see their website.


Nature Reserve in Vimeiro has a beautiful location with communal pool admission rates. The pool is located about 2 km from the houses in Vimeiro. Hotel Golf Mar in Vimeiro has both indoor and outdoor pool, even for those not staying at the hotel.

Simbassäng i Oeiras, photo: Ivo Gomes


At Oeiras marine few mil off Lisbon you will find a very popular swimming pool with diving tower and overlooking the marina. 10 minutes walk from the apartment in Oeiras.



In Oeiras are several playgrounds to choose from. One is charming in an old park that is just an adventure it! Enter the magical rain forest-like jungle, throwing bread to the birds from the bridge in the little river or playing in the playground.


Have a lovely park where you can almost take a picnic bag and cuddle. Here are some small animals and birds are exciting to watch Aldel free. Dancing like peacocks for their spectators. There is a playground, soccer field and exciting town, glass kiosk etc.. The park is located behind the Cultural Centre of Cascais, just outside the city center, within walking distance.

Lisbon Centre

Parque da Estrela is no direct park built for play but it's still a pleasant oasis in the city with little ponds and large trees.You reach the park with the funny tram number 28 which is the only one attraction! The tram takes only a buggy not big children strullers!