By night

Lisbon by night, 2007

Portugal is also great at night, especially the night life in Lisbon and Algarve is really lively. These citys offers fun and exciting things for all peronalities and preferences. A experience not to miss when visiting Portugal is a visit at a Fado club!


As most big cities walking alone at dark and empty streets is never a good idea due to the risk of robbery. Take a taxi! Try to limit the use of credit card, keep some cash in you pocket instead. The level of crime is relatively low, but all places has its bad people and we just want you to be safe rather than sorry.


The word fado means destiny/fate. It started as music style of the working class society during 1800 century. The music became more and more popular. The music is powerful, often filled with sadness and the lyrics are about love or the lack of there of. Often accompanied by guitars.

The one that really made the music famous abroad was Amália Rodrigues that during 1920 performed all over the world and thereby defying the music style. When she died in 1999 the Portuguese government decided to have three days of national mourning. As the national symbol she had become she was buried in National Pantheon together with other important persons for the country like prime ministers and some poets. She was although the first woman. National Pantenon is in Alfama and are open to visitors. The most famous fado singer right now is called Mariza and she's touring all over the world.

In Alfama you will find one of the best fado houses "Mesa de Frades". Traditional food, nice wine and lovely voices in an old chapel.  Rua Remédios 139A in Alfama. Closed Tuesdays and Sundays.



Go for a walk in Bairro Alto where the whole area comes alive at night. Plenty of bars to tickle any type of taste buds.


Are maily located in the area within central Lisbon and Bélem at Avenida 24 de Julho and at Docas under the bridge named 25 de Abril and crosses the river Tejo that divides Lisbon into two parts.

Club Lux

Is supposed to be the most hip club with its designed interior owned by the american actor John Malcovich. Dance floor at first floor and seating area at the 2nd. Avenida Infante Dom Henrique in Alfama.


In the village Vimeiro are there only dogs barking at night time! But nearby in Santa Cruz 10 min drive are may bars and discos to select from


Here you can find everything forth finding when comes to night life in Vilamoura, Albufeira eller Faro.