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Lisboa, Terreiro do Paço, 2010, photo: Sofie Broström


Tram is the perfect way to se the heart of Lisbon. Number 28 takes you around the narrow and hilly streets, there are both a tourist tram with guide and a public transport then it's named 28F. Tourist tram costs around 15 euro and you catch it at Praça do Comércio. The local tram costs about 1 euro and you can start at for example Largo de Camoes. The both trams takes you to see the caste of Lisbon witch has nice view of the city. Warning for pickpockets at the tram!

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Palácio da Pena, Sintra 2006, photo: Maud Träff


A mountain with very specific climate and therefore also an amazing nature with all kind of vegetation. The buildings reminds about fairytale castles. Here are so much to see so count with at least one day. For example you can visit Palacio da Pena on the top of the mountain, some of the wonderful gardens and Sinatra's small village. Whatever you choose you will not get disappointed. Go here with train from Lisbon 35 minutes, or bus from Oeiras 40 minutes or if you stay in Vimeiro take the chance to drive along the coastline thru all small and pretty villages, but remember the map! There are not much signs to help you. When you are in this area also visit Cabo da Roca, the most western point of Europe, magnificent view!

Cascais and Estoril

Are famous touristic places at the western side of Lisbon along the coast. Take a walk between them both, start in Estoril and do shopping and meals in Cascais where you will find shopping mall and smaller stores and several restaurants to choose between.

Jerónimos, Belem, photo: Jan Egil Kirkebø


Only 10 minutes with the tram from Lisbon centre Cais do Sodré you can visit the Jerónimos monastery, a fantastic building. Here are also several museums and other attractions. But the biggest reason to come back here according to me, (and many other you will notice when you see the queue!) is the warm creamy and crispy Pastéis de Bélem that you can by at the café with the same name. It's a puff pastry with cream filling with taste of vanilla, and bit cinnamon on the top. If you stay in Oeiras you can take the train towards Lisbon, but don't take the fast train because it doesn't stop in Bélem.

Óbidos 2006, photo: Sofie Broström


Is north from Vimeiro on great distance for a excursion for the day. Takes about 40 minutes with car and is a Medieval times with a wall around, very charmy and a bit touristic but it's worth a visit. Óbidos also ha a wonderful lagoon to swim in.

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Peniche, 2006, photo: Mats Broström


A old fishing town with amazing cliff towards the sea. From here you can take a boat during the season to go and see the small archipelago called Berlengas, a very beautiful nature reserve. At the islands you can swim and visit caves. Remember to bring pick nick there are only the nature here. If you stay ashore there are several fish restaurants and beaches and a museum to visit.