Arrabida, 2009 Photo: Sérgio Crisóstomo

The Atlantic sea is very beautiful and the coastline is very different and varied along the country, and so also the nature itself. One has to remember that the Atlantic sea is big and a bit colder and bigger waves than the Mediterranean where may of us are more used to go. But here are calm places and wonderful beaches to discover. They are also not so crowded outside July and August. Remember to respect the different flags about the sea conditions for the moment, by red flag don't enter the water.

Lisbon surroundings


"Praia Santa Rita", the beach more near the houses 4,5 km is one of my favourites. Often it's almost empty and it's clean and very beautiful with the cliffs dividing the sea with the rest of the landscape. The water is clean since it's open sea. The beach has guards, showers and café.

"Foz de Arelho", a river that runs out in the sea and makes a huge beach area and almost like a swimming pool with still water. Near Óbidos north of Vimeiro. Showers, guards and plenty of cafés. Pools in Vimeiro By the entrance to the National park in Vimeiro there is a beautiful placed public pool with cheap prices. The distance to the houses is about 2 km.
The Hotel Golf Mar has a indoor and out door pool available also for the non resident. There are also a spa with good prices.

Oeiras & Cascais

"Praia de Sto Amaro" is an active and lively beach five minutes walk from the apartment in Oeiras. Can be quite crowded in August, clean and ok water. The beach has guards, cafés, showers, and a nice beach walk that ends in the Oeiras Marina where one can find nice restaurants with great prices. here is also an out door pool. If you pass the marina a bit further on there is a small bay, very pretty. The beach doesn't have too big waves since it's just by the meeting point of the big river Tejo and the sea.
"Carcavelos" is Lisbons most wanted surf beach. A long and nice beach with restaurants and cafés. About 20 min walk from the apartment in Oeiras. You can walk almost the whole way from Praia Sto Amaro to Carcavelos beach by the water but then the distance is a bit longer. A fort is in one of the ends of the beach and give a nice view and atmosphere. The beach has guards, showers, toilets, cafées.