Wine tasting

Vimeiro, 2006

Portugal is a great wine country that is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Portugal's wine history began with the Romans who brought the tradition to country about 2.000 years ago. Today, the

port wine

is the best known wine abroad.

Vinho verde

is also very typical and also from northern Portugal. I have not written about Northern Portugal where we do not have housing to offer, but it is an interesting wine regions.

You can visit wineries, taste grapes, see vineyards and buy directly from the producer, often its just to call and book. If you are in Lisbon do not miss a visit to ViniPortugal's hall in the center of Lisbon, read more below.

Lisbon & surroundings

Close to Lisbon you can still find a few wineries with some of the oldest wines. The areas are divided into Carcavelos, Bucelas and Colares. The proximity to the capital means that they are under constant threat. Bucelas have white sour, dry young wine. Colares is located in Sintra's mountain feet and where the wineries grow on extremely sandy soil, and therefore has a very special taste.         
   In the middle of Lisbon city you find "Viniportugal", a hall designed for the promotion of Portuguese wine. Tasting and admission is free and they have wine from different regions. Adress: Praça da Comércio. Open: Tuesday-Saturday. 11:00 to 19:00

Usefull links:
Site with information in English on the various wine regions and different routes with maps and phone numbers of wineries.

Link to Loures (municipality) site where you can find addresses and numbers to the various wineries around Lisbon, in Portuguese, so I have linked directly to the address side.


"Rota do Vinho do Oeste", or "Estremadura" is called the eastern region area around Vimeiro little north of Lisbon. This is a region with a long history of viticulture. With mild climate, abundant sunshine and proximity to the sea makes the conditions ideal. Here, you find among other international grapes Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The farms are divided into different areas, all within easy reach for day trips from Vimeiro or Lisbon. Here are numbers to 20 Quintas (farms) to choose from. Óbidos, Torres Vedras and Alenquer are the different wine routes with are several farms.


Alentejo is a highly recognized wine region. Even the Romans and the ancient Greeks enjoyed wine from Alentejo that are among the best and exlusivaste in the country. The landscape is decorated with cork oaks and olive trees, but it is mainly the wine that sets the Alentejo on the map. Traditional ranged Portuguese red grapes dominate, but Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are also starting to come, often mixed with the traditional grapes.   

Great site about the area:



Is not known to be a wine region but despite this, there are also farms to discover here too. Just behind the town of Albufeira are winemaker's Vida Nova Wine Yard, Adega do Cantor.

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