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My name is Sofie and I’m an interior designer and decorator. I have worked and traveled extensively abroad, have great experience in tourism, and know what I want to experience when I visit a foreign country. My husband is portuguese. Together we have two children. We both love our countries and try to create a life that includes the best of both. We do it with this particular site, and my husband's music project Stockholm Lisboa Project, which has become very popular with the mix of the typical Portuguese fado singing with Swedish folk tones. www.stockholmlisboa.com

The idea about Sofiesrenting.

The idea is to share with us from our Portugal as much and real as we can. We want to give you a chance to experience Portugal from its heart. We collect our goodies and useful information that we want to share with you. On this website you will find a bit of this, to make it easy to doing tourism in your own way. The houses and flats are unique, personal and belongs to our family and friends, they must be well taken care of and we trust you! It is also the uniqueness of our accommodation our guests appreciate. This is an intermediary and we do not own any homes. They belong to family, friends and acquaintances. All homes are checked and approved according to my standard of what is required for a holiday should be enjoyable. It is not exactly the same standard in every house, each one is unique. We do everything we can for everyone to be happy and satisfied, and we have contacts in the neighborhoods of each house who help’s in case of need.

We are registered for travel warranty in the Swedish state institution Kammarkollegiet.

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