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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also e-mail us.


Question: How does the booking process work?

Answer: When you have booked online in our booking form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your booking to the specified email address. This will always be confirmed by Sofiesrenting as soon as possible within 24h (weekdays). You will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Question: When and how to pay?

Answer: After you have booked I will send you during the next few hours an invoice of 20% of the total amount, which shall be paid within 3 days to secure your booking. The final invoice will be sent in due time and shall be paid 50 days before the date of arrival.

Question: Can I cancel my booking

Answer: You can cancel up to 90 days before arrival day. In case of cancellation of accommodation earlier than 90 days prior to the day of arrival, the rental amount will be refunded with a deduction of 5%, and not less than 500 kr. Read more about cancellation under terms and conditions (only available in the swedish version).

Question: What happens if I get sick before my departure?

Answer: Sofiesrenting does not offer cancellation insurance. You can purchase separate cancellation insurance. This can also be included in a home insurance or if you pay by credit card. We always recommend that you check if you already have a cancellation insurance before you sign an extra.

Question: We are four people but the accommodation is for three. Can I book anyway?

Answer: As a rule, you can not. You have to inform about the number of people staying in the residence in advance. The owner / check-in person is entitled to reject you if you are more residentd in the accommodation than it is intended for. The number of residents in the accommodation must be announced at the time of booking, or in advance of arrival at the booked object, and confirmed by us. Children under three years can sleep in travel cot, but this is also required when booking and must be confirmed by Sofiesrenting.

Question: How many nights is the minimum booking?

Answer: It varies between the homes and appears in the information for each property. It may also vary over the season. For example, three nights are generally minimum in Lisbon city center. Larger villas in high season are generally at least one week but may be more flexible during other times of the year.

Question: Can the homes be rented for a long time?

Answer: The residences provided on this website are holiday homes, fully-equipped homes. You can not sign so-called permanent contracts on these. If you want to rent a longer term, please contact us.

Arrival and Departure

Question: How do I access the key to the home?

Answer: Sofiesrenting is a distribution of housing spread across Portugal, and each residence has its specific representative in place in Portugal, which takes care of the accommodation and handles key delivery, takes care of you, and is available on the phone if you have questions during your stay. The representative speaks English and in some cases Swedish. On your booking confirmation, the contact person for your particular residence will be shown. Upon arrival, the representative also shows how things work in the home and informs you of things that may be good to know.

Question: What weekday can we come?

Answer: In the big villas in high season, the check-in/check-out days are usually saturday, but in other homes, the arrival date is generally flexible, which means it does not need to be exact weekly stays. Information about this is shown in the text for each property. Otherwise, you can ask us.

Question: What times are there for check-in and check-out?

Answer: Check-in is usually between 16:00 and 22:00. Check-out at 12 in most homes, except for the larger houses that can check-out at 10 or 11. This is stated in the information you receive together with your booking confirmation. Travelbags can usually be kept in the accommodation while the house is being cleaned, until the next guest's check-in. If you need extra assistance with luggage storage, please ask. Different circumstances are available in different accommodations.


Question: Does Sofiesrenting offer travel insurance?

Answer: No, Sofiesrenting offers no travel insurance. When booking through a agent, you are generally more protected than if you book directly by the house ownner yourself, even if some of our homes are also privately owned. If something happens like accidents or illness, and you if you paid with a Visa or MasterCard, there may be some insurance from there. The important thing is to have a medical certificate from your insurance company from day 1 and not wait if you. Damages that might occur in Portugal can in some cases also be covered by home insurance, on a case by case basis. Check with your insurance company. Home insurance does not exist at the same level in Portugal as in Sweden, so better to have your own insurance from your home country.

Question: Travel Guarantee, when does it apply?

Answer: Travel guarantee applies when booking package travel. Not for reservation of residents only.

Included in price

Question: How about cleaning?

Answer: We have chosen to always include the final cleaning in the price of the accommodation to maintain as high a standard as possible. In case only final cleaning is included, we recommend cleaning, irrespective of the length of stay. You are responsible for the maintenance of your accommodation during your stay. And that it has a normal standard. It must be cleaned and the garbage emptied when the accommodation is left. If you have any comments on the cleaning at arrival, contact the contact person or us immediately.

Question: Bed linen and towels are included?

Answer: Bed linen and towels are always included, and are included in a set per person and per stay. If the booking includes weekly cleaning, bed linen and towels are also changed weekly. If you are expected to wash yourself, there is extra space in the accommodation so you can take care of it. Generally not included. If included, please see information about the accommodation, or ask Sofiesrenting.

Question: Consumables, what's in the home?

Answer: Consumables such as detergents are not usually included when renting a home, however, most homeowners have chosen to keep up with it. If it finishes, fill up yourself. Toilet paper is in place when you arrive. For cooking and hot water, gas is usually used. In some cases, gas and hot water might stop working, it may be that the gas tube is empty. In that case, inform your contact person immediately to have it exchanged.

Question: Does electricity and heat are included?

Answer: Electricity and gas are usually included in the price of weekly rent. Sometimes there are deviations, but this applies mainly to winter stays, or stays for longer periods. Information on this is shown in each accommodation.

Travel to and in Portugal

Question: Do you book a flight?

Answer: No, only for some package holidays, but it is written in the package travel information.

Question: Where do we book a flight?

Answer: The Internet has many sites to find airline tickets. I like to use the site momondo.se, where I can set the maximum flight time and choose if I only want direct flights. Tip, be sure to see if it's included luggage or not in the ticket. Sometimes it includes one way but not for others. Germany has good airports and offers free hot drinks and has good children's playgrounds. TAP is the Portuguese airline that has direct flights from Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen and many other capitals. Their tickets are sometimes cheaper through search engines. But you can also book directly on their website: www.flytap.com

Question: How do we get to the apartment from the airport?

Answer: Each residence has information about getting to the residence. There are also suggestions in th documents that you will receive when booking. Sofiesrenting can help you with tips on where to book a taxi to your home. It is usually in the information you received about the accommodation and how to do.