Here you will find information about different activities and where you learn to stay close to them.

Portugal is a small country in surface, but has great variety in nature and variety of activities such as culture, music, city life, history and sports. The landscape is quite flat to the south and mountainous north.

With Lisbon as a starting point you can reach the south coast of the Algarve in 2.5 hours on a good highway, and the northern city of Porto in about 3 h. Dramatic coasts towards the Atlantic and a little milder at the Algarve, which has both nice little bays and miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

Tourism is quite litle in most of the country, although it has escalated slightly in recent years. The tourist resorts are few, and the kind of tourist resorts with Swedish or English only menus are very rare. Small towns tend to be well functioning and alive. The smallest places usually have their own little chop, cafe, a small minimarket (sometimes combined) and maybe even a restaurant. Here we can talk about living countryside!

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are very nice and accommodating. They are happy to help you, and I hear ofter stories when guests got help or found new friends. Many of my guests mention the Portuguese people as one of the nicest elements on the trip. However, a small exception for Portuguese in traffic, we are after all in southern Europe! But Portugal is better than both Spain and Italy if it’s any comfort. The Portuguese are nice and traditional, and very gentlemen, women as men. You get up for the elderly, let the children go ahead, pregnant have priority in the food queue in the shop and they have their own parking spaces! The food is also largely genuine and the Portuguese love their food! Read more under the Gastronomy tab.

The style of clothing is quite traditional. You do not have to bring your most fancy clothes. Upper body and very vulgar clothes are not suitable.