The Atlantic sea is very beautiful and the coastline is very different and varied along the country, and so also the nature itself. One has to remember that the Atlantic sea is big and a bit colder and bigger waves than the Mediterranean where may of us are more used to go. But here are calm places and wonderful beaches to discover. They are also not so crowded outside July and August. Remember to respect the different flags about the sea conditions for the moment, by red flag don't enter the water.


Silver coast

Praia Santa Rita

Praia Santa Rita

Praia Santa Rita, near Vimeiro and Santa Cruz is one of my favourites. Often it's almost empty and it's clean and very beautiful with the cliffs dividing the sea with the rest of the landscape. The water is clean since it's open sea. The beach has guards, showers and café is open all year around. September is the greatest month, water has been warmed up the whole summer, and the light is very special a late afternoon.

GPS: 39.1663771,-9.3587923

Foz de Arelho and Óbidos Lagoon

Foz de Arelho and Óbidos Lagoon

Foz de Arelho and Óbidos Lagoon, The beaches of Foz do Arelho are the main attractions in the area.Many come here to surf from all over Europe.Cliffs towards the sea creates a dramatic and very beautiful landscape.The seashore can be a little wavy,but then there is the option to swim in the Óbidos Lagoon which is directly adjacent to the beach.The lagoon is quite large and has salt water.The water heats up and is child - friendly.The beaches are idyllic,with soft,white sand and some excellent beach bars and restaurants,pleasetry the locak specialty musselswhile enjoying the sunset.Popular beachfor both surfers and windsurfers..

GPS: 39.4263495,-9.2169485

Praia Centro em Santa Cruz

GPS: 39.1303735,-9.3844884

Praia Azul

GPS: 39.1123983,-9.3971812

Praia da Mexilhoeira

GPS: 39.156171,-9.3621051

Praia do Seixo

GPS: 39.156171,-9.3621051

Praia de Porto Novo

GPS: 39.1744551,-9.3551134

Praia das Conchas

GPS: 39.1804091,-9.3536446

Praia do Valmitão

GPS: 39.2011941,-9.3492047

Praia de Porto Dinheiro

Praia de Porto Dinheiro

GPS: 39.2122637,-9.3475255

Cascais and Oeiras coast

Praia de Sto Amaro

Praia de Sto Amaro

Praia Santo Amaro in Oeiras,a clean sandy beach,with a fort at one end.A nice walk along the beach,cafe,lifeguards,sunbeds and showers are available during the summer season.Toilets are located in cafes and at the other side of the road Marginal,which runs along the coast from Lisbon to Cascais and pass the beach.Besides August so it is not crowded,more people on weekends the sunny days.The promenade leads to Oeiras marina that has restaurants and bars.You can take the train that runs between Lisbon and Cascais to come here.Get off in Oeiras.

GPS: 38.6892391,-9.3044311

Praia de Carcavelos, Carcavelos beach

This is the longest beach on the coast between Lisbon and Cascais(1.4 km).A beautiful beach that has a fortress.Sandy beach.Cleaned every day during the summer.A nice beach walk,restaurants open all year round.During summer lifeguard,sun beds,toilets and showers.I like Windsurf Café.A very popular surfing beach all year round.There is also a surf school and rental of equipment.You can take the train that runs between Lisbon and Cascais to come here.Get off in Carcavelos. Carcavelos, is Lisbons most wanted surf beach.A long and nice beach with restaurants and cafés.About 20 min walk from the apartment in Oeiras.You can walk almost the whole way from Praia Sto Amaro to Carcavelos beach by the water but then the distance is a bit longer.A fort is in one of the ends of the beach and give a nice view and atmosphere.The beach has guards, showers, toilets, cafées.

GPS: 38.6792016,-9.3286923

Praia da Torre

Praia da Torre

Praia da Torre is a small beach that is adjacent to the Oeiras Marina.If it ' s windier in other places you canget some protection here.It has a nice view of the fort.On the other side of the fort is Carcavelos beach.Oeiras Marina has several bars and restaurants.Toilets.

GPS: 38.6790754,-9.3208056

Praia da Parede

GPS: 38.6819523,-9.3499778

Praia de São Pedro do Estoril

GPS: 38.6916874,-9.3676111

Praia do Tamariz (Estoril)

GPS: 38.702402,-9.3978875

Praia da Duquesa (Cascais)

GPS: 38.7011469,-9.4144841

Praia da Conceição (Cascais)

GPS: 38.7011469,-9.4144841

Praia da Ribeira de Cascais

Praia da Ribeira de Cascais

Central in Cascais you find this small little beach wedged between the rocks.

GPS: 38.6994718,-9.417078

Praia da Crismina(Guincho)

GPS: 38.7266283,-9.47402

Praia Grande do Guincho

GPS: 38.7283856,-9.4706107

South coast

Setubal central strand Rockalot Praia

Centrally in Setubal is this small beach.Nice to have close to townif you want to take a short bath and enjoyfor awhile.If you want to spend all day on the beach, I would rather recommend to go to Troia or out on the beaches bwlow the Arrabida mountain, such as Portinho da Arrabida or Praia da Figuerinha.Or just walk 1 km towarts east to Praia de Albarquel which is nicer.

GPS: 38.5164746,-8.9021342

Praia de Troia

GPS: 38.4912221,-8.9078209

Praia de Albarquel

A cozy small beach near the center of Setubal, even if it is not perhaps the best, has the advantage of being located close to the center.Facilities: Restaurant.

GPS: 38.5111098,-8.9134319,17

Praia da Comenda

GPS: 38.5077119,-8.9220306

Praia da Figuerinha

GPS: 38.4872326,-8.9379767

Praia do Portinho da Arrabida

Praia do Portinho da Arrabida

Praia do Portinho da Arrabida, Arrabida is a national park on a mountain between Sesimbra Setubal.The beach Portinho de Arrabida is located in a bay that reminds me of the Greek islands with turquoise water and white sand.One of my absolute favourite beach in Portugal!Protected from waves and wind makes the water and even the air becomes warmer.Fish restaurants make the beach even more familiar, fresh squid with the view!However, it can be very crowded in August and weekends during the summer.From Setubal, you can come here by bus.

GPS: 38.4829747,-8.9746815

Praia da Califórnia

GPS: 38.4407083,-9.0927612

Costa da Caparica Praia do Meco

GPS: 38.4861505,-9.1810939

Costa da Caparica, Praia da Saúde:

GPS: 38.6321062,-9.228223


Praia da Ursa

GPS: 38.7892746,-9.4921401

Praia da Adraga

GPS: 38.8033184,-9.4892346

Praia Grande

GPS: 38.8126876,-9.4785703

Praia Pequena do Rodízio

GPS: 38.8202779,-9.471399

Praia das Maçãs

GPS: 38.8221674,-9.4682319

Praia das Azenhas do Mar

GPS: 38.8401284,-9.4619989

Praia da Aguda

GPS: 38.849384,-9.4573887

Praia do Magoito

GPS: 38.8636485,-9.4481185


East coast

Praia do Barril

GPS: 37.0930972,-7.6593622

Cacela Velha

GPS: 37.1573048,-7.5484832

Farol, Culatra, Armona

Farol, Culatra, Armona, the three long and narrow sand islands are located outside Olhão. They are part of the national park "Parque Natural da Ria Formosa". Here you can find soft sand beaches, and it is easy to reach by ferry from Olhão. The islands are basically large sand dunes and there are not so many houses, except a few cafes and restaurants. The beach is guarded during summer season. The boat go from Olhão's port throughout the year, but during the winter months there are only 4 per day, compared to 12 or 13 trips during the summer months.

GPS: 36.9865605,-7.8502824

Ilha Armona

Ilha Armona, The three long, narrow sand islands of Farol, Culatra, Armona located outside Olhão and Fuseta is part of the National Park Ria Formosa.Here you can find softly beach, and it is easy to reach by ferry from Olhão and Fuseta.The islands are basically large sand dunes and there are a few summer cottages, and a few cafes andrestaurants.The beaches are guarded during the summer season.The ferry runs from the port of Olhão throughout the year, but during the winter months to just 4 per day, compared to 12 or 13 trips during the summer months.In summer there are also boats from Fuseta.Ilha Armona is the closest island to Olhão, a 10 - minute ferry ride.Has a handful of restaurants, one of which is open all year round, shops, holiday cottages and a beach on the seaward side.Beautiful, white sand stretching as far as the eye can see.The water on the landward side of the island is quite shallow at low tide and warmer than the Atlantic side.There are sun bedsfor hire.The beach is supervised during the summer season.

Ilha da Culatra

Ilha da Culatra, if you want to walk and explore, and have a choice of places to eat and drink, and have a beautiful beach, then Ilha da Culatra is the placefor you.Surrounded by beautiful clear water, with many species of fish, so it is perfectfor diving and snorkeling.Culatra 30 min from Olhão.

GPS: 36.9865605,-7.8502824

Ilha do Farol

Ilha do Farol

Ilha do Farol, this is my in -law 's favorite beach. Is the western part of Ilha da Culatra which has a small, permanent year-round population increases to about 3,000 during the summer season. It' s mostly one floor buildings, sandy roads and colorful bouganvilla.There are several restaurants and cafés located along the road from the dock.You have to walk a bit toget to the beach.The beach on the ocean side is another beautiful beach and is popular with both residents and people who are just visitingfor a few hours.The ferry runs that go to Farol takes 45 min from Olhão.

GPS: 37.007532,-7.7994946

Ilha Deserta

Ilha Deserta, From Ilha do Farol can take you to the uninhabited beach Ilha Deserta by boat taxi.Ilha Deserta has only one but very popular restaurant 'Restaurante O Estaminé'.They offer traditional flavours from the Atlantic Ocean and the Ria Formosa.If you want to eat lunch here, we suggest you book a table at any time before, or as soon as you arrive on the island!The beach on the ocean side is a beautiful sandy beach, just a few minutes’ walk from the dock.There is a small area with sunbeds to rent, but most seem to take their own umbrellas and their own refreshments to enjoy the tranquillity a few hours in this very peaceful island.If you want a very calm and relaxed day at the beach and nothingelse, then Ilha Deserta a good place.

Praia da Fuseta

GPS: 37.0416625,-7.7388597

Praia da barra da Fuseta

Praia da barra da Fuseta, Praia da Fuseta, Praia da Fuseta, this beach is reached by boat from Fuseta.The beach is long and narrow and beautiful sandy beach belongs to the island of Armona and Ria da Formosa.Facilities;Restaurant, WC, bodyguard

GPS: 37.0558146,-7.7228771

Farol Fuseta

centrally located in Fuseta there is a beach with a bar.

GPS: 37.0505837,-7.7422346


São Rafael

GPS: 37.0751196,-8.2816914

Praia da Galé

Praia da Galé

Praia da Gale OesteGalé Oeste is a continuation of the long sandy soft sand dunes that begins at Armacao de Pera.There is a beach restaurant, beach chairs to rent and water sports.There is a large parking lot behind the Galé Oeste with disabled parking bays and walkways with ramps to the beach and restaurant.There are also special buggies availablefor disabled visitors.Praia da Gale LesteAlong Galé Leste there are various rock formations that provide sheltered bays.There is a large parking lot just a short distance from the beach and a very small parking lot just behind the beach front restaurants Vila Gale Praia Hotel.Praia do Manuel LourencoLourenco Beach is a small, sheltered sandy beach surrounded by shallow rock formations just east of Gale Beach.There is a small parking behind the beach with reserved spacesfor disabled visitors and access to both the restaurant and the beach via wooden walkways and ramps.

GPS: 37.0796864,-8.3125222

Praia dos Salgados

Praia dos Salgados

Praia dos Salgados, This beach is a long sandy beach that stretches from Armacão de Pera to Gale.In the middle lies Salgados beach.The beach has a bar, volleyball net and a starting point for a nice beach walk through the nature reserve of the lagoon Lagoa dos Salgados.There are many types of birds to watch, including flamingos.Near the beach and nature reserve is also the golf course Salgados Golf.

GPS: 37.0845371,-8.3232708

Praia de Armacao de Pera

GPS: 37.1007494,-8.3549631