The ingredients are flavorful in themselves so there is not as much spice. It often begins the meal, even for lunch with a soup, main course and then dessert, which often consists of fruit. Coffee tip after the dessert. Wine drinking traditional for lunch and not at night as we are accustomed.

Under the tab as well as on the link: Recipes, you will find a small selection of Portuguese recipes.



The meat is served simply and fresh, seldom with sauce. Often, both rice and chips (usually made from fresh potatoes at the restaurant and not the frozen variety most of us are used to). Chouriço can be grill or just as a snack.

Sea food

The Atlantic Ocean has much to offer and you should take the opportunity when you’re here. Grilled fresh fish served with potatoes is really good and there are many different kinds of fish. A traditional one is Sardinhas, sardines. The Portuguese favorite fish is “cod” (bacalhau) imported dried from Norway. The recipes are endless, but for example, try the grilled, with roasted potatoes, garlic and lots of olive oil! White snails fried in coriander, squid (there are many variations on both large and small).


Egg is the key word in Portuguese desserts and pastries. It can be “too sweet” to our taste but there are good and well-made varieties. Arroz doce is sweet rice pudding with egg yolks added, served as dessert.

Cheese-lovers get spoiled with the choice options, both as a starter and dessert.


Portugal is a major producer of wine. Most famous is perhaps "Port wine" from Oporto in the north, a sweet dessert wine. Vinho verde (green wine) also comes from the north and is made of red grapes where the skin is removed not to give the characteristic color that creates the red wine. Table wines are simple, inexpensive and ok quality.


If you or your children are alergic please check this dictionary to help you find the terms and names of different food types in Portuguese:

Suggested restaurants and cafés

In Portugal, you can eat and drink relatively inexpensive. The traditions are strong and there are not many restaurants serving foreign food, especially in rural areas.

A little bit funny phenomenon I passed on myself a few times, is that the worse restaurants I have been to has also been more expensive. So if you want to go to an expensive restaurant, it is perhaps better to follow someone's advice. Otherwise, the same rules that otherwise, choose a restaurant where the local goes. Avoid those with tourist menus. The small hook can serve it really delicious food for cheap price. Secure noisy and fluorescent light on the ceiling, but guaranteed Portuguese!

Meals are served:

Lunch is served between 12:00 to 15:30.
Dinner is at 21:00. Opening hours in restaurants often ca. 19.30- 22:30.

In other places than the tourist areas, it is difficult to get hold of another food than burgers and sandwiches in addition to those times.


Cascais and Oeiras coast

Pastelaria Pastéis the Belém

A place worth a visit because they have so incredibly delicious cakes. Puff pastry pastry filled with vanilla cream and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. They are served hot and are immensely popular. Located near the Jeronimos monastery in Belém. Address: Rua de Belém, 84-88


If you like seafood, you should go to Oeiras and Paco de Arcos, the menus are in Portuguese, I order often "amêijoas com molho" - white shells fried in coriander and garlic and a lobster (sapateira) with stuffing which you dip the bread in the sauce. This suffices as food to three. Its a lot of food! They have a smoking section, a non-smoker and a tapas section.

Address: Avenida Bonneville Franco 182770-055 Paco de Arcos
Tel: (00351) 214 434 786

Oeiras Marina

In Oeiras marina there are several restaurants to choose from, some also serving burgers outside lunch and dinner times. Otherwise it is the most traditional, and good!, food. From 6.5 euros. Menus are in English.

Casa da Guia

Here you find several restaurants in a cozy environment. Good meat, fish and sushi restaurants. A little exclusive, a bit more expensive, cozy and a very beautiful view! Worth a visit!

Páteo dos Petiscos

Side dishes (petiscos), perhaps better known word for the concept is the Spanish tapas. If you want a main course you can also find it. Try for example "Arroz the polvo", octopus rice.

Rua das Amoreiras 5th Tower 2750-740 CASCAIS
Tel: (00351) 214 820 036

Restaurante Entreagua

Some specialty dishes with flavors from the sea. Cozy atmosphere, good service and sea views. A little more expensive.

Address: Estrada do Guincho, Cascais 2752750-000
Tel: (00351) 21 484 32 58

Furnas do Guincho

Modern restaurant with see view. Expensive but good, at Guincho.

Estrada do Guincho
Tel: (00351) 21 486 92 43

GPS: 38.721322,-9.478118

Lisbon center

Mesa de Frades

One of the best fado restaurants in Lisbon. Traditional food, good wine and lovely singing entertainment in an old chapel. This is a really Fado place where those who love Fado go, therefore, also the professionals who sings the best Fado. It is not allowed to talk during the song and it will be noticed if not respected. If you want to lysten to Fado, visit a real fado place and respoect the tradition.

You should book a table. Appropriate time to come is 22:00. Fado starts at 23:00 á la Portugal (thus usually not exact) and goes on until 2 or later, and they expect you to have eaten before fado starts (though it's not quite always either). One can only pay in cash and it costs 45 euros and includes food (snacks, main course, dessert, coffee and wine or beer, plus mineral water. You can only choose between two main dishes.

Open: 19.00-22 for food, then Fado. Address: Rua Remédios 139A of Alfama. Closed Sundays. Tel: (00351) 917 029 436

O Jaime (or Tasca do Jaime)

Fado Restaurant, a bit rough and very typical. It may be smart to reserve a table in advance. Rua da Graca 91. Fado Saturdays and Sundays, 16:30 to 20:00. Tel: (00351) 218881560. Take the tram 28 there. Just opposite the Royal Cine Antigo (Ancient Royal Theatre).

Velho pateo the Sant'Ana

Close to Liberty Avenue, this is a rustic and well recognized Fado restaurant. Adress: R. Dr. Almeida Amaral, 6, Lisboa. Tel: (00351) 213 141 063

Restaurant Chapitô

Wonderful view of Lisbon city center you get served delicious food in a very special atmosphere, which made Chapitô a personal favorite. This is also a circus school and diverse events are taking place here, not in the restaurant section but in a separate room. Main course about 12 euros.

Address: Costa do Castelo, n.º 1/7 Telephone: (+ 351) 21 88 50 77

Getting there: Bus 37 - Praça da Figueira, get off at the Castelo de S. Jorge Tram 28 - Rua Conceição, get off at the Mirador de Stª Luzia.

Brasserie de l'Entrecote Chiado

"The best entrecote I've ever eaten was in the Lisbon Brasserie de l'Entrecote in the Chiado, Rua do Alecrim. "I can highly recommend" greets Daniel who hired from us. Tel: (00351) 213 473 616

Restaurante Casa De Goa

Really nice restaurant that is attached to a museum of Portuguese-Indian culture. Serves Indian indian food in a calm nice atmosphere and super good food to more expensive prices.

Address: Calçada do Livramento 17
1350 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (00351) 213 930 078
Train: Alcântara

Food from Bangladesh

Yummy Indian food in the back alley i found once where only Indians from former kololierna attend. The restaurant indicates Bangladesh, but the food is the same as Indian. Cheap, and super good. 27 € for two people with different dishes, bread and beverages. Note, do not go on these streets unnecessarily after dark. The people here are poor and desperate.

Address: Rua do Benformoso 147, near the square Martim Moniz.