A film that shows some of what Portugal has to offer:


Lisbon center

Ride the tram no. 28

In Lisbon, there is a beautiful tradition of trams. No. 28 is known to take you on journeys through the narrow streets which in some places it feels like the tram will not be able to pass. No. 28 runs between the district of Graça and Estrela, passing on the Lisbon castle, Castelo de Sao Jorge and the Praça Luís de Camões. However, a problem nowdays with this line with the increased popularity of the city, there are long queues to ride the tram. It is also why a now there is also a tourist tram that starts from the Praça do Comércio.

GPS: 38.71361,-9.1374887

Visit the Castelo de São Jorge

Castelo de São Jorge is located on top of Lisbon, one can say, on one of the city hills. From there you get a beautiful view out over the city and ocean, and perhaps most interesting is the streets just before entering onto the castle grounds. Cozy narrow old alleys, art studios and small shops.

GPS: 38.7138595,-9.1338403

Miradouros, viewpoints

Lisbon is the city on the seven hills. Hence there are many viewpoints where you can see beautiful views. Some miradouros are: Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Santa Catarina, Portas do Sol, São Pedro de Alcântara, Senhora do Monte

GPS: 38.7115938,-9.1303515

Listen to Fado

Fado is a music style associated with the portuguese people and their history, emerged during sea trading period when women lacked their men who were gone during years. They sang out these laments on the narrow alleys of the Alfa (you can read about where to go lysten in the tab Gastronomy)

GPS: 38.7109986,-9.1321496

Alfama district

Alfama is Lisbon's oldest neighborhood, the only thing that remained after the tsunami that occurred in 1755. The narrow alleys, many steps, and typical laundry hanging outside the buildings. In recent years, also unfortunately invaded by tourism. On 12-13 June each year going Lissbons town festival "Festa do Santo António" and the festivities are centered in these neighborhoods.

GPS: 38.7108482,-9.1279272

Eating seafood

Fish and seafood from the Atlantic, it may make your mouth water when I think about it. Some of my favorites: "amêijoas à Bulhão Duck" cockle milled with coriander and garlic, blissfully good! Grilled Robalo, havsabbore. Sapateira, crab, I like! (translated by Google)


Visit Panteão building in Alfama, easily found in the when its round roof is lighted, is where portuguese cultural heroes rest, including the famous fadista Amalia Rodrigues. You can go up on the roof and find there a magnificent view over Lisbon.

GPS: 38.7108482,-9.1279272



GPS: 38.7635,-9.0937

Cascais and Oeiras coast


Belém is located just outside Lisbon center and there are museums and monuments from the age of discovery. Among others: Jeronimos Monastery is an amazing building, the Torre de Belém is a tower that protectd Lisbon from intruders, and monument of Vasco da Gama in the lead, the hourse carriage museum "Museu Nacional dos Coches" is said to be worth seeing.

The biggest reason to return here again and again, is, in my opinion, and many others, (which you will discover when you see the queue) to enjoy the delicious and famous, steaming hot "Pastéis de Belém" that you buy in the cafe of the same name. It is located on the right side of the Jeronimos monastery. Its puff pastry filled with egg and vinlla cream served with a cinnamon on top.

You get there from the center of Lisbon, Cais do Sodre with tram no. 15. From Oeiras / Cascais train to Lisbon, make sure not to take the fast train that does not stop but called Lisboa Todas (all stations).

GPS: 38.69728,-9.205267

Casa da Guia

Here you find several restaurants in a cozy environment. Good meat, fish and sushi restaurants. A little exclusive, a bit more expensive, cozy and a very beautiful view! Worth a visit!

GPS: 38.6957282,-9.4449537


Cascais is originally a fishing village and still a bit of that spirit remains. It is beautiful and picturesque, and there are small shops along the streets as well as modern shopping centers. You can walk along the coast to the neighboring resort of Estoril along a pleasant beach walk with restaurants. There are bikes to borrow for free, and you can cycle along the coast to the famous beach of Guincho further west, or all the way to Sintra for those that can take a uphill! Cascais has many restaurants to choose from.

GPS: 38.699112,-9.4191293

Estoril Casino

One of Europe's largest casino. Admission is free, but food and drinks are very expensive and to play roulette or blackjack costs. However, it costs nothing to play bingo or slot machines. Around midnight so transformed a part of the casino a nightclub. Large superstars tend to also perform on stage, great fado singers, and other performances. (Link) (translated by Google)

GPS: 38.7073076,-9.3995024


Palácio da Pena

Visit this Palace on top of Sintra with incredible views. So close a fairytale castle as you can get. The palace is located in a park that you also get to visit.

GPS: 38.7875893,-9.3927976


When our son was maybe half a year and we were, like young parents, moderately tired of too little sleep, we visited this park. So incredibly romantic, like cut out of a Jane Austen movie. We sat on the grass in the slope towards the stunning building and fell asleep under a tree all three. So for me, this park has a pink glow of romance. Maybe you also appreciate it? It was not so easy to walk with the stroller, we had to carry it in many stairs, but it was ok since we where two.

GPS: 38.7938692,-9.4192981

Cabo da Roca

When you are in this area visit also Cabo da Roca, Europe's westernmost point, it offers magnificent views.

GPS: 38.7804212,-9.5010737

Silver coast


Óbidos is located 1 hour north of Lisbon. A small medieval town that resembles our medieval times where villages had a wall around the city. It hosts the medieval festival, chocolate festival and other events. There are also shops selling crafts and several restaurants. Near Obidos there is also a beautiful lagoon for swimming.

GPS: 39.359531,-9.157838


A fishing village with magnificent cliffs facing the sea. The city lives on the fishing industry and has numerous fish restaurants that are worth he traveling from Lisbon to enjoy. It is also a major surfing mecca. There is also a museum about the area on a fort with English-speaking guide, reservation is required if you want a guide.

GPS: 39.3625396,-9.3854715

Berlengas National Park

From Peniche you can take the boat to a small island, a nature reserve and incredibly beautiful. Berlengas has one main island and some smaller islands. There you find a fort where you can stay overnight and magical beaches with wonderful crystal clear water, bird watching and rare flora. There is also a restaurant with good food available, but check in advance that this is open if you intend to come here so you are not left without food! The trip there takes 30 minutes and is said to be very bumpy and notorious for getting the most stable seasick ... When I worked on the boat, I learned not to drink, and eat a loaf of bread to hold your stomach steady in a seatrip. Maybe something to keep in mind if you plan to go here. The effort is really worth as far as I've heard.

GPS: 39.4144145,-9.5139779

Dinosaur tracks and museum

Portugal has many traces of dinosaurs. Along the coast in the rocks can still see fossils and footprints that have not yet been excavated. In Lourihã teher is a impressive a museum which is said to be Europe's best dinosaur museum. Located on the road to Peniche from Lisbon.

GPS: 39.2419713,-9.3133001