In Portugal, you will find good surf all year round but the February / March is the best. One need not go very far from the bathers to find fine beaches, you should have a car to take you around and be able to be where the best waves of the day are. Coast Oeiste, or some call it the Silver Coast is considered among the best in Europe. The further north, the larger waves and cold water, the Algarve will be warmer waters from Africa and the Mediterranean. The Algarve also have calmer waters. Surfing on the Algarve cited Sager is the westernmost point on the coast. Courses are available for those who want to try surfing, or learn more. Equipment and lessons are relatively inexpensive. For windsurfing learn the beautiful Guincho beach between Cascais and Sintra good fit.

Some airlines charge extra fee of SEK 2 000 to take the surfboard so ask about this before you travel, perhaps it is worth hiring on the spot instead. Use sunscreen even if it does not feel particularly warm in the air as the sun burns anyway.


Cascais and Oeiras coast


Carcavelos is located 20 minutes outside Lisbon and is surfers' most central beach where there are always surfers in the water even on the days you can not see a single wave. It offers courses and equipment to hire, surf schools, and amenities such as restaurants, parking, lifeguards, showers and toilets during the summer. The beach is suitable for surfing all year round. The beach is also suitable for beginners.

South coast

Costa da Caparica

This thirty kilometer coastline has many sandy beaches to choose from and offers surf possibilities about 150 days / year. Very busy on the weekends but ok during the week in addition to the holiday month of August. Take the South motorway A2 from Lisbon and folow the exit to Caparica.