Portugal wine that is becoming more and more popular worldwide, is about as number 10 in the world's wine production. Portuguese wine history began with the Romans who brought the tradition of the country. Today is the port wine a sweet dessert wine from Porto in the north is most famous abroad. Vinho Verde, green wine also comes from the north, and is made of red grapes with the skin removed for not giving the characteristic color to create the red wine is also very typical, and also comes from northern Portugal. From Madeira, we have the famous Madeira wine.

Wine is cheap to buy and you get quite ok wines for just a few euros. Largest wine district of table wines is undoubtedly the Alentejo is a large district south of Lisbon.

You are welcome to visit the vineyards, taste, see orchards and wine cellars and buy directly from the producer, one must, however, often call and book.

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Silver coast

Oeste wine region

"Oeste Rota do Vinho", east wine region or "estremadura" is called the area around the north of Lisbon and Sintra. This is a region with a long history of viticulture. With mild climate, abundant sunshine the proximity to the sea makes the conditions ideal. Here you find among other international sorts grapes such as Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The farms are divided into different areas, all within easy reach for day trips from Lisbon. There are some 20 Quintas, farms, to choose from. Obidos, Torres Vedras, Alenquer called the different wine routes, and in each you find several farms.

South coast

Wine Region Rota the Vinhos da Peninsula Setúbal, also called Costa Azul

Wine Region of Setúbal peninsula, also called the blue coast, covers the coastal area south of the Tagus estuary "Costa Azul" a very beautiful nature area. It grows mainly two known varieties: Castelão and Moscatel de Setubal. Castelão is a very popular red wine, and the various Muscat grapes, grown around the Setubal area and in particular on the slopes of Mount Arrabida produced strong wine, Setubal Moscatel. Many international awards have been won by the vineyards of this area. Setúbal is best known for the sweet dessert wine Moscatel. The area has many fine farms to visit. Also suitable for day trips from Lisbon.

Some of Moscatel de Setubal

Muscat grape is originally from Egypt and expanded over the Mediterranean from Alexandria, possibly in connection with the Roman Empire. This sweet fortified wine is characterized by its special quality, aroma and taste are their own and unmistakable.
There are two types of Muscatel grape, the white and purple. Vine varieties called "muscatel Setúbal" and "muscatel Roxo". Wines can only be called "Moscatel de Setubal" and "Moscatel Roxo," where the is the combination of at least 85% muscatel grape. Wines entitled to the designation of origin Setubal produced in an area bounded by the municipalities of Palmela and Setubal.