Rural Portugal holiday house in Casal Novo

Rent a portugese gorgeous holiday house located in a Portuguese mountain village. A magical place where words are not enough to describe the magnitude. To go here you fly to Lisbon and from there you rent a car, and travel 3 hours north towards Coimbra. Alternative is to fly to Porto and rent a car, and travel south. Airlines that you may check flights is TAP, Norwegian, Ryan air for Porto. This is the perfect place if you want to relax and enjoy the nature, swim in the river, read a book, go for walks, pick the fruit from the trees, and smell the forest and nature around. The house has three floors. Ground floor has one double bedroom with queen size bed, bathroom with shower, a guest toilet, built-in patio with barbecue. Perfect for balmy evenings. Large modern kitchen and living room all in one. Dining furniture is a wonderful mix of traditions. Second floor has two bedrooms with two single beds each, a large bathroom with tub. Balcony. Floor three, one suite bedroom with private toilet and a big terrace in two directions with magnificent views of mountains and river. It is a very hilly place and it is not suitable for anyone who has difficulty walking. To reach the river you go on small trails. The places to reach are so nice, so nice and they are not far from the village. There are few who speak English here as the population ages is high, but those who take care of the house can help you in English. Single beds are 90 * 180 cm, double 140 * 180 cm. The beds are quite hard as the normal Portuguese standard.Ensures a unique holiday! Included in price: Breakfast, TV, DVD, Internet, MP3, fireplace, dishwasher, no washing machine but the family operates a laundry with reasonable prices. Microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, freezer, gas oven and gas stove. Cleaning every three days. The house has a natural air conditioner when it is traditionally built with thick stone walls and if you hold the doors closed so kept comfortable temperature indoors even during the hottest days. Central Heating. Allergy: It is permissible to smoke and have pets in the house, but not in the bedrooms. Extra services not included in given prices: Outdoor towel Laundry service. Cooking of traditional meals. Pets


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Dish washer, cot, high chair, bath tub. Washing service. Staircase protection.

About the area

In this part of Portugal you can experience a completely different life than we normally live in the mordern word. In this place you will find peace, and solidarity with nature. The few who still live in villages in this mountains, are living a simple calm life on a small patch of land. The villages has a chapel and narrow streets with pretty closely built houses. Traditionally build with a specieal technice of stones. The river is the vene of the land and gives water to the growings. The mountains offers a fantastic view and no pictures makes justice of the magnitude. This is one of my absolute favorite places in the world and I am so pleased to be able both to you that have the possibility of visisting it but also to help to continue living in this village who are otherwise at risk of getting empty. For excursions around the area you can go and see Fajão a village with EU money has built up as it was 100 years ago. All houses are made in the old style stone construction, it has a small museum, and a restaurant with a dish that is widely known lamb cooked in wine. Arganil is the nearest city where you can go every Friday at a local market that sells traditional crafts, locally grown vegetables and various delicacies. Charming! Hike along mountain trails, eat of the fruit of the season, cherries, strawberries, figs and more. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy, and respect the life that already exists here. A magnificent pond to visit with a surreal wiev. Stories around the dam construction are many and it's exciting to get them told one of the locals.


How to get here: Airport Porto or Lisbon airport. Then you need a car to reach the village. Lisbon: 280 km Porto: 180 km Coimbra: 72km Arganil: 20km Grocery store: Arganil 20 km, mini-store is available in most villages around where it is most needed can be purchased. There is also a bus passing thrue with groceries. Swimming in the river: From 40m Swimming pool: 6km Fajão Restaurant: Fajão 6km Arganil 20km.